Did your know?

  • Pouchpak have a specialist design team dedicated to building you the best downstream equipment to suit your specific production requirements.
  • The M5200 Vertical Form Fill Machine is capable of filling up to 9000 pouches an hour!
  • As well as the M5200 we also supply its smaller brother the M3200.
  • The Glo Bagger, one of our downstream options can collate pouches at one per second, that’s 3600 per hour!
  • In 2008 Pouchpak helped launch the pouch in the UK's biggest supermarkets.
  • Using Pouch packaging is the Eco Friendly choice. Compared to standard packaging its benefits are massive. Reducing land fill and carbon footprint used in the manufacturing process.
  • Jugs are available to allow end users to pour the liquid without causing spillage, these are washable and reusable.
  • At Pouchpak we encourage recycling and we are constantly trying to improve our impact on the environment.
  • Image that links to the Recycle Now Campaign
  • We have an experienced team of service engineers available for repairs and service of all our machinery.
  • The Pouchpak design team use the very latest 3D CAD software from AutoDesk. Using this software enables us to build every solution in 3D so we can ensure that every part, right down to the last bolt will fit perfectly before we arrive on site. This makes us very efficient and it also means that your down time is kept as low as possible.
  • We have a sister company who we work closely with. They operate over in Canada, a link to their website has been provided below.
  • We believe that everyone should be doing what they can to help look after the planet. Using Pouch Packaging is a great place to start.
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Here at Pouchpak we pride ourselves in offering a complete packaging service, we custom build solutions around our flagship Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine, the M5200 (pictured below). For those that don't know, the M5200 is used for packaging liquids into polyethylene pouches. The M5200 is a very flexible machine, put this together with our custom built downstream solutions and you have a truely efficient production workflow.

M5200 Vertical Form Fill Machine

The M5200 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine is at the heart of all the solutions we provide, we then custom build downstream equipment to suit your own specific production requirements, see below for more on this.

The M5200 features include:

  • Operator friendly touch screen.
  • Exceptional sealing integrity.
  • Easy change-over of pouch size.
  • Fully automated double head machine.
  • Built according to UK health and safety standards and complies with CE requirements.
  • AISI 304 L Food processing quality stainless steel used for all parts in contact with product.
  • Shielded film path from mechanical components and moving parts, zero-contact filling system, integrated CIP programming and ESL options which includes a sterilized air filtration system.
  • Output varies from 2000-9000 pouches/hour depending on pouch volume and product nature.
  • Equipment service and parts are available from our experienced technical service department.

See our Machinery in motion in a selection of movies below. Click Here

The M5200 and M3200 form the basis of the solutions we offer here at Pouchpak.

Enlarge the picture.

Milk packaged with the M5200, just one of the liquids the M5200 can package.

Downstream Equipment

We offer complete custom built downstream solutions, from large scale crate loading systems to
printing equipment, whatever your production requirements are our design team will be able to meet them.

Some of the Downstream Solutions that we offer:

  • Bi-directional discharge conyeyors.
  • Bag and crate loaders.
  • Crate handling equipment including washing, de-stacking and stacking systems.
  • Interior & exterior printing systems.
  • Easy open tear nick assembly.

To help give you an idea of the type of solutions we can offer we have shown below with images and movies some of our more recent downstream solutions.

  • Image of the M5200 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

    View the M5200 in motion with a custom built downstream solution.

  • Image of the Glo Bagger

    See the Glo Bagger collating pouches at 1 per second (optional extra).

  • Image of Pouches being packed into crates

    Finally the pouches get packed into crates ready for the next stage in packing.

Automated 9 Pouch Crate Loading System

One of our latest innovations is the Automated 9 Pouch Crate Loading System. This system is currently being developed by our design team, we have included several CAD visuals to give you a look into what this machine will be capable of and the scale of some of our larger solutions.

  • Image of Nine Pouch Crate Loading System

    This image shows the whole downstream crate loading system.

  • Image of the Pouches arriving at the Glo Bagger ready for collating

    This image shows the pouches arriving from the M5200 ready to be collated.

  • Image of Pouches being packed into crates

    At this stage the crates are being filled with the pouches.

All our solutions are custom built to suit you. If you have a different requirement to anything you have seen above please get in contact with us, our friendly design team will be only too happy to help. Contact details can be found below or alternatively click here to use our form. (back to top)